Vanderlande Modex 2022


Vanderlande 40 x 70 Modex 2022

How do you dominate a show in a region where you’re not well known?

Create a presence so strong that you instantly convey your industry global leadership to a region where you formerly weren’t considered a key player? A presence so bold that everyone from the attendees to show management takes notice?

If you’re Vanderlande, you stand out on the trade show floor with the triple-threat combo of show-stopping design, strong messaging, and live product demos.

Vanderlande creates process automation that is used at airports, warehouses, and for the parcel industry. While it is recognized as an industry leader in Europe,  Vanderlande was less well known in North America.  

Vanderlande’s goal was to make such a big splash at MODEX that attendees would regard them as a leader in the North American market.

Vanderlande filled its new, larger exhibit space with an impressive double-deck structure.

Dynamic overhead signage and colorful video impressed attendees and drew them to the booth. Impressive physical product demos drew them over the threshold.

Once visitors had entered, interactive learning experiences, the savvy Vanderlande sales team, and hospitality services enticed them to stay longer.

The unique, branded hanging sign captured eyeballs and announced Vanderlande as an established, expert company.

Interesting shapes and bright internal illumination separated Vanderlande’s hanging sign from the simpler, less impressive signs over competitors’ booths.

The design consisted of two components, a logo cube and an orange rectangle, with the rectangle piercing the cube. The front and rear of the cube showcased the Vanderlande logo. Illuminated bars connected these two elements.

The rectangle structure featured a bright orange illuminated ribbon, which wrapped around a series of glowing white arrows. The series of arrows pointed inward, drawing attendees to the exhibit, and leading their eyes to the Vanderlande logo. This subtle approach to branding negated the need to as many Vanderlande logos inside the exhibit.

Choregraphed digital content broadcast key messages achieved strong branding without incorporating logos.

Attendees walking the hall couldn’t miss Vanderlande’s large LED displays. Mounted on both sides of 16-foot high kiosks and across the front and back of the deck structure, the size and height of these displays ensured that attendees absorbed Vanderlande’s key messages.

Content for these displays was purposely kept bold and simple: a combination of branded motion graphics and high-level statements. Integration of Vanderlande’s color palette and arrow motif visually reinforced the brand.

Old school physical demos delighted attendees.

MODEX attendees love process animation demos. But in recent years, the exhibitors have replaced live, physical demos with animations. By bucking this trend and going with two live demos, Vanderlande surprised—and attracted—a huge number of attendees to its booth.

Plexi fencing ensured safety for the hundreds  of attendees who crowded the booth to watch automated palette racks pick up and move items. The Vanderlande team leveraged the demo by connecting with and engaging prospects as they watched the demo.

Interactive product journeys engaged and educated customers—both at- and after the show.

Attendees experienced the Vanderlande customer journey through an interactive app. The journey featured three choices of experience so every attendee could select whatever a path that was personally relevant.

In the exhibit, the Vanderlande team invited visitors to experience the journey, then led them to one of several free-standing or wall-mounted touch screens. Once initiated, the experience was completely self-guided.

After the show, Vanderlande maximized its investment by adapting the experience for iOS and adding content. This tool is now used in customer meetings by the sales force.

A hospitality area fostered conversations.

Comfortable seating and refreshments under the deck led to mingling and connection.

Industry leadership status obtained.

On an audit of all exhibitors sponsored by show management, Vanderlande rated a total score of 4.27 (5 is the highest). The average score for island exhibits at the show was 3.97. This audit measured the effectiveness of each exhibitor’s exhibit presentation, product presentation, and staffing.

Vanderlande also received a perfect score of 5.0 in three key categories: effectiveness of product presentation, effective integration of the corporate identity into the exhibit design, and effectiveness of the overall exhibit in grabbing attendees’ attention.

Blue Sky EXP was responsible for design, engineering, fabrication, video production, app design and creation, and onsite installation.

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