blue sky promise

At Blue Sky EXP, we promise to create unforgettable experiences for our clients – and theirs – through both our products and our process. For more than 18 years, we have built a loyal customer base with some of the world’s most recognized brands and have won more than 70 industry awards for creativity and design. We are committed to continuously adapt and expand to the ever-changing market and needs of our clients, while remaining true to our three core values:

core values

Extraordinary Innovation

The sky’s the limit (there is no limit) when it comes to what our amazing team can do! From immersive in-person, virtual, or hybrid experiences, to engagement and business solutions, Blue Sky EXP offers comprehensive services from concept and design through production and delivery that will transform your brand.

Exceptional Customer Care

Trust and transparency are the cornerstones of our client relationships. Blue Sky EXP is committed to maximizing our clients’ ability to connect with their customers and create meaningful relationships beyond the exhibit floor.

Unexpected Value

Blue Sky EXP aims to exceed your expectations in all areas. We pride ourselves on over-delivering while keeping your bottom line secure. We can do this because we value vision over investment, process over product, and most importantly, relationship over profit.

our experts

Don Keller


Don is a CEO of relationships and co-creator of Blue Sky EXP.

Don creates and maintains exceptional relationships with clients and partners while providing them with the best possible experience.  This mission is evident in everything he does for the business, the client, and the community.  Don began his career as an industrial designer and now has over 30 years of experience in the tradeshow and event industry.  Don is also the managing leader for the Cobb County CEO Red Roundtable and serves on the board of directors for several small business throughout the community.

Tim Kelley


If Chuck Norris could design…He would be Tim Kelley. 

Armed with several high level blackbelts in various disciplines of Karate, Tim also holds an award-winning title as Creative Director and Co-Creator of Blue Sky. He oversees all design implementation and creative functions while ensuring that all departments are working efficiently.  30+ years in the industry, Tim’s background is in Industrial Design and business.  Tim is also involved with and supportive of our military, along with being an Air Force Reserve Command Civic Leader.

John McGee


People Collector

John has dedicated a lifetime to collecting people.  Sometimes to help define his journey, other times to help those find their path.  Either way, he has always measured his success by those around him.  John’s passion lies in creating thriving organizations that excel at their mission, through continued refinement of experiences between operations, business development, and organizational and people development. All designed to drive synergies to create meaningful solutions that power competitive advantage and sustainable financial performance.

Lori Wager

Vice president
Strategic initiatives

We could say Lori invented white glove service…

At the heart of our client experience, Lori directs our account management team in the mission of helping our clients achieve their goals in face-to-face marketing.  She and her team are the client voice, fostering solid relationships while ensuring an excellent overall experience.  Lori has worked for Blue Sky for the last 10 years but has been involved in the industry for over 20 years on the show management, general contractors, and client side.

Roger Reyelts

estimating manager

He’d rather be fishing…

Roger is a 30-year veteran of the exhibits industry, which by definition means he has overseen the building of nearly every possible type of project.  He is the money guy that provides our clients with accurate estimates for building.  Roger doesn’t like surprises and neither do our clients.  He is excellent at working with the team to find the best solution for the build that best fits the clients budget. 

Pam stovall

Vice President

The bottom line. (or the buck stops here)

As Controller, Pam provides accountability and guidance through numbers.  Overseeing all accounting functions and advisement of financial strategy. With her innovative and entrepreneurial approach, she ensures all clients receive timely and accurate documents.

Curtis McDaniel

Vice president operations

Curtis keeps the earth spinning on its axis…without breaking a sweat.

Curtis is a mix of wild talent, brains, and experience, equating to high quality product for our clients.  20+ years in this highly deadline driven environment, he remains passionate about ongoing process improvement and timeline management with our clients’ success clearly in focus.

our story‍‍

Since 2003, Blue Sky EXP has successfully built an award-winning EXPERIENCE company that consistently goes beyond its clients’ expectations. From concept to design, to delivery and beyond, our caring, creative team of experts and industry professionals is passionate about crafting cutting-edge personalized EXPERIENCE strategies and solutions focused on connecting your business to the world. Our customer-centered approach is unparalleled and unmatched, with our elite/seasoned professionals guiding and supporting you every step of the way. Blue Sky EXP was founded by Don Keller and Tim Kelley, two designers…. Initially, the business focused on trade show and exhibit design, and steadily built a loyal clientele of such well-known brands as…  Today, we have expanded our service offerings to include virtual and hybrid events, digital interactives, museum displays, corporate interiors, marketing centers, retail, portable and system solutions, pop-up events, specialty, mobile experiences, and social resourcing.


OUR BEGINNING (2003-2006)

Blue Sky Exhibits started in the summer of 2003 with a simple dream to create lasting relationships with our clients, while providing the highest level of creative design and expression at an exceptional value. Since our inception, we have committed to foster and grow these values.

Key Accomplishments
• 2003 – Opened for business.
• 2003 – Secured our first 10 clients.
• 2004 – Hired our first employee.
• 2004 – Moved into Marietta, GA  office.

EARLY YEARS (2007-2012)

These were formative years when Blue Sky embodied and mastered the values and principles that would become the “Blue Sky Way.” Our clients experienced the high-impact customer service that we are still known for today.

Key Accomplishments  
• 2007 – Recognized as one of the Top 25 Small Businesses in Cobb County for the first time.

INDUSTRY LEADER (2013 – 2017)

Building on a strong foundation of  customer service and design excellence,  Blue Sky cemented its reputation as the  go-to company in the exhibit industry.  Supported by award-winning designers  and a talented group of craftsman, Blue  Sky set the standard.  

Key Accomplishments
• 2014 – Moved into our 220,000  square foot headquarters based in  Atlanta, GA.
• 2017 – Recognized as THE number one Small Business in Cobb County.


In 2020, the unthinkable happened as many industries were thrown into survival mode due to COVID-19. Blue Sky is proud to say we never abandoned our core principles and retained our core team through the downturn with a “thrive,” not just “survive,” mentality. Armed with newfound ambition and passion, Blue Sky has come back as the EXPERIENCE company with even more to offer our clients.

Key Accomplishments
• 2020 – Rebranded image and mission.
• 2020 – Launched Viral Protective Services to assist those most impacted by the pandemic.
• 2021 – Hired new President to guide company growth.
• 2021 – Opened Sky Expo, a quick exhibit rental company, in Las Vegas, NV.