Between shipping, installation, attendee use, dismantling and crating, exhibits experience a lot of wear and tear. Flimsy construction won’t make it through one show, let alone dozens more.

Blue Sky Exhibits - Fabrication and Engineering

That’s why we build all of our exhibits using only high-quality, long-lasting construction and materials. Building it right the first time means long-term cost efficiency for our clients.

At Blue Sky, we take as much care with the engineering and fabrication of your product as we do with the branding and marketing of it. Our best-in-class production staff is impressively trained, are experts at AutoCad, and can create lasting beauty in the most complex concepts. We use our CNC router to ensure accuracy, consistency and exceptional quality in manufacturing while reducing overall production cost.

Our experienced, talented engineers and fabricators can build in any shape and out of any material—wood, metal, fabric, solid surface, or plastic.

To keep us nimble and cost effective, we use exclusive partnerships—industry experts hand-picked for each job—rather than supporting the overhead of a single full-time production shop.