In a venue crowded with hundreds of other companies exhibiting simultaneously, it’s crucial to create a vivid environment that grabs and holds attendee attention, engaging their senses and minds with your unique brand.

Blue Sky Exhibits - Creative

At Blue Sky Exhibits we are dedicated to bringing your business vision to life with decades of creative branding experience, fine craftsmanship and live show expertise. We offer custom construction, rental and portable modular exhibit solutions and pride ourselves on being one of the top creative firms in the industry.

At Blue Sky, we weave your brand, products, show objectives and story into every level of environment while integrating all of the physical requirements and venue specifications. This not only extends to fabricating new exhibits, but to refreshing existing environments to create an exciting new exhibit, while keeping budget in mind. We even go beyond the exhibit hall to provide corporate interiors and interactive vehicle experiences.

Every brand is unique and so is every solution we develop. Our custom concepts are envisioned and built to create an immersive brand experience—leading attendees through the essence of your brand and building interest as the environment unfolds before them. Blue Sky excels in creating structures that effectively capture attention and encourage audience interaction and engagement.

Blue Sky is also skilled at incorporating technology to heighten the experience when it makes sense. This includes using the latest in lighting, sound, movement, scent, and AV technologies, as well as interactive technologies such as multi-touch, gesture tech, augmented and virtual reality.