It’s time to get ready for your next trade show. As you mull over all of the options, products, and displays available, you know you have to make a decision. Which products should you feature? How much can you get into one trade show display so that you can reach as many people as possible? It’s often a misconception that your display needs to provide information on everything you offer. The fact is, this can easily overwhelm visitors and encourage them to walk right on by. How can you keep your display effective and communicate all you want it to?

Don’t Include Too Much

How much you add to a trade show display depends on many factors. Perhaps most importantly, you need to determine what your ultimate goal is. If you are a small exhibitor with just a couple of products, realize you don’t have to showcase them all and often shouldn’t. If you are a large exhibitor, it can be a nightmare to try to pull together a display that offers every bit of information. Don’t do it. Realize that visitors are only able to absorb small amounts of information at any given time. That is, the human mind just cannot take in everything you potentially want it to.

That means you need to focus. The question to ask is, “What’s the most important piece of information I want to provide to visitors?” That’s the focus of your trade show display. Narrow down your focus to ensure this bit of information or sales message gets through to your visitor.

In addition to this, you also need to consider what your visitors may already know. If your product is something they know something about, don’t waste valuable space rehashing this. Use the space you have for truly valuable information that is going to have visitors realizing you have something special to offer.

Tips to Creating an Effective, Simple Trade Show Display

With this in mind, you’ll want to implement a few tips to make trade show exhibits more effective and streamlined.

  • Grab the visitor’s attention right away by providing information they don’t know.
  • Keep content on any display easy to read and easy to skim – what do they need to know?
  • Avoid clutter. Whether you’re tempted to add numerous displays or over-the-top media, don’t do it. Keep everything clutter-free.
  • Have a clear message – what do you want your visitor to walk away knowing?
  • Realize you don’t have to offer a solution for everyone; ensure you are focused on what makes your product or service unique rather than providing solutions to dozens of problems on your display.

When you work along with trade show services, you can get the help and support you need to actually create a display that has meaning, a clearly defined message, and an attractive design. Keep it simple and you’ll attract more visitors.

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