When it comes to trade show marketing, the whole idea is to increase your return on investment (ROI). If you’re not getting a return, then the truth is you’re spending a lot of money to be at a trade show and it’s not paying off. There are some things that your exhibit booth staff can do before and during the trade show to maximize your presence.

Get More People to the Booth

Prior to the trade show, you need to think about how to get more people to the booth. After all, the more people who see you, the more potential customers you can have. There are several ways to gain more traffic.

The first thing you can do is look into customized portables to ensure people are interested in your booth. Sometimes, having a well-branded booth that is inviting will be enough to get people to stop and see what you’re about.

You can also look into advertising on the trade show’s website or brochure that gets handed out to guests as they walk in. This will give people a sneak peek at who you are and what you are about, which might make them more likely to seek you out when they get there.

Maximize Marketing

Throughout the event, you want to maximize marketing. Speak to your employees working the booth ahead of time to be sure they are well versed in the products and services you offer. If they are unable to answer a question someone asks they aren’t going to be able to close that sale.

Hold a contest at the booth, where you will collect names and numbers or email addresses. Not only can this be used to follow up with winners after the show, but it’s a great way to bring more people to the booth and get them excited about your brand.

Don’t forget about handing out swag. This gives potential clients a fun takeaway and will ensure they don’t forget who you are. If the swag is really good, visitors might be willing to spread your company’s details through word-of-mouth, bringing you even more business.

Be Sure to Follow Up

Remember that approximately 80 percent of trade show attendees have final purchasing decisions, so follow up with them. Be sure you have collected contact information from people, and then set a date to follow up within seven days after the show has ended. If you wait longer, you run the risk of them forgetting who you are or them choosing another company to do business with.

Make sure you’re hitting your goals by calculating your ROI. You take your initial investment and then subtract the return amount (your earnings). It’s a good idea to create a benchmark so you can make improvements with each new trade show that you do. Ask all new business clients how they heard about you so you can tie the sales back to a particular trade show or event, which will give you a more accurate ROI calculation.

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