Those in the advertising and marketing fields are often asking the question: “Do promotional items really work?”. There is a divided opinion on promotional products. However, most research reveals that freebies of any kind have a huge effect on people in any context.

Popular Promotional Items

There are a myriad of promotional items which companies use as giveaways, but some of the most popular items include: tote bags, mouse pads, note pads, calendars, pens, mugs, and candy. When attending conventions and trade shows, many visitors often cite the freebies as one of their favorite aspects of the entire event. For some show enthusiasts, it is one of the only reasons they attend. In fact, in most cases, event participants will remember what you gave them far more than they will remember you. This is why investing in promotional products is a good idea. However, making your promotional products really work in your marketing plan takes more than slapping a logo on an ink pen.

Print the Info You Want Remembered

76 percent of people receiving a give away will remember the advertiser’s name if it is included on the item. For this reason, it is very important that you print the information you want remembered. A simple image logo may not be enough for a person to recall your company’s name. If you want the product to also be a contact source, then phone numbers, websites or email addresses should be printed on it as well.

Make It Useful

Choosing the promotional product is also very important. There are thousands of products that you can slap your company’s name on, but if it happens to be something extremely useful, you end up increasing your chance that the individual who received the item will be keeping the item handy. This not only keeps your company in their mind continually, but it also increases the chances that others interacting with them will also see the item and thus see your information. 34 percent of individuals who receive a useful giveaway item, such as pen or pocket calendar, kept the item on their person for frequent use.

The Advertising Specialty Institute conducted a survey which found that some of the most used promotional items were wearables such as tote bags and writing instruments such as pens. In fact, 54 percent of respondents claimed to frequently use promotional writing instruments.

Mr. No Name

Another interesting bit of information gleaned from the study was that even though recipients rarely remembered anything about who gave them the freebies, they had a better impression of the individuals who did give them something than of the individuals who did not give them something.

Helpful Tips

Promotional products should be the following:

  • A thank you item
  • Useful
  • Considerate of the environment
  • Integrated into the overall trade show marketing strategy
  • Tied to the overall message and theme of trade show exhibits
  • Not intended for children

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