Project Description

With their new exhibit, Sakrete wanted to revitalize their brand and establish themselves as an innovator in the industry of concrete and concrete-related products. This unique environment successfully raised the bar and appealed to the interests of its target demographic by bringing the product to life in a construction site setting. Blue Sky Exhibits designed an open and organized space, which encouraged a hands-on user experience and reflected the company’s values of quality, service and product expertise. By combining raw materials with LED and AV elements, we added a touch of sophistication to stand out from its more utilitarian competitors. This resulted in hundreds of high quality leads for Sakrete.


The Sakrete exhibit is a 40×50 main island and a 20×40 demo space and includes:

  • Hands-on user experience areas throughout
  • Demonstration and Ask the Expert areas, built using Sakrete concrete
  • Impactful suspended logos
  • Product display areas
  • LED halo lighting, floor inlays and AV
  • Spacious conference room
  • Formal theatre with large presentation screen
  • Adjustable design from 40’ x 50’ to 20’x 40’