It is important to be remembered at trade shows. The average person is going to visit dozens if not hundreds of exhibits over the course of a day. How are you going to stand out so they will remember you and what your business has to offer? Here are five innovative ways to ensure visitors won’t forget you.

1. Tell a Story

What makes you different from the other vendors throughout the trade show? Your exhibit design should be set up in such a way that you tell a story as to who you are and what you have to offer. Panels can be used to explain details of your business, including your motto.

2. Show Credibility

Why should people listen to you? Be sure you are the trusted source for people to turn to. When you are the expert, it is easier to generate buzz. Some of this can be done by having testimonials around your booth. You may also want to have an expert speaking at your exhibit. Whatever you can do to show you are an expert should be done, even if it is a free book or booklet that you hand out about research or a case study.

3. Keep it Simple

The best way to be sophisticated within your trade show is to keep it simple. If you have too many components, it is possible for people to become confused as to what you offer. Also, you run the risk of forgetting a component. Allow people to see your business for what it is without too many bells and whistles. You want just enough to impress and that’s it.

4. Create a brand experience.

When people enter your trade show exhibit, you want to wow them with your brand. A big part of trade show marketing is about making sure people remember your brand. This is when it can be advantageous to have swag. This will allow you to hand something out so people have a takeaway when they come to your booth. The swag should be branded with your information and be representative of who you are as a company.

5. Have fun.

Not everyone who shows up at your booth is going to be ready to buy what you are selling. However, they may be interested down the road. If you’re having fun at your booth, this is what people are going to remember. If you try to hard sell everyone, that is what they will remember — and that’s not a good thing. Smile, hand out swag and be honest about your brand. The best trade show exhibits are the ones where people don’t take themselves too seriously.

At Blue Sky Exhibits, we can help you with trade show services to stand out and ensure your brand is represented within your exhibit. We provide strategic solutions so that it is one less headache for you to deal with when preparing for an upcoming trade show.